What is Together We Stand Foundation?

Together We Stand is a registered Canadian charity created to honour the sacrifices deployed military personnel and their families make each day.

How many families will be supported this year?

Together We Stand will be providing families who have a loved one deployed overseas during the holidays with a gift of gratitude – that will be about 3000 families across Canada.

Can you tell me more about what Together We Stand will do?

The Foundation’s mission is to recognize the sacrifice military families undertake on behalf of Canadians and to show that they are appreciated. This holiday season, Family Gift Boxes will be given to each military family with a loved one deployed abroad. These gift boxes include gift cards and coupons from adidas, Brass & Unity, Fabricland, Reebok, Yogen Früz, Scotia Scene Cards and much more!

Why does Together We Stand only support some military families?

We would love nothing more than to help everyone and we honour and respect the sacrifices all members of the military make. At the moment, however, we are only able to support families with a loved one deployed abroad in December 2019.

Who can complete this form?

A CAF member or a member of the immediate family/household. A single member of the Canadian Armed Forces can also apply for a gift package.

What happens if I have questions?

Your questions are always welcome. Simply send an email at info@twsfoundation.ca. You can also submit a question through the website.

Who is eligible to receive this gift?

Members deployed at any time between 1 December 2019 and 30 January 2020 in operational theatre outside of North America, separated from their family during the holiday season and not on training are eligible to complete the gift form.

What if a family is missed?

If a family is missed contact info@twsfoundation.ca. We’ll work with our partners at Support Our Troops to follow up.

What is the gift valued at?

Approximately $300.